By the mile coaching
Would you like tips on how to improve your running?

Maybe you just want some company so you can discuss life, de-stress, and be listened to.

If so, By the mile coaching is for you!

1) We meet for a run.

2) You tell me what you would like to focus on during our run and how far you would like me to run with you.

3) We run for the designated distance while I give you the coaching/guidance you request.

4) You are charged only for the distance traveled, not a designated time.
The advantage to you: You don’t have to commit to a 60 minute session
or a full coaching program.

The rate: $20 for the first mile, 5$ for each additional mile.
Example: 3 miles of “By the Mile” coaching looks like this:
$20 for mile 1
$5 for mile 2
$5 for mile 3
$30 total
Contact coach Moe Brown for info.
Here's how it works;